Two days of world-class content, delivered by some of our field’s top UX Researchers.


THURSDAY JUNE 25, 2020. 11:00AM - 5:00PM EST.

As researchers we have a lot in common: a natural curiosity, the ability to build relationships with others, and the drive to think critically about new ideas. At the same time, we have varied experiences, interests, and professional goals that make us all unique.

From discussing what it’s like to influence research as a leader, to research being done on the frontiers (robots, anyone?), there’s a track of content for everyone.

Track One:

Research Foundations

Every year, #UXRConf has a track of talks dedicated to people who are beginning their journey in research. This is that track. Talks will cover methods and how to use them, commonly used frameworks in research, and other topics tailored to someone breaking into the field or growing their research toolkit.


Banish Your Imposter: Looking back at where UX research began, where it's going, and why you belong

Noam Segal, Director of User Research, Wealthfront


What Design Ethnography Can Do For You: Connecting decision makers to users

Yoanna Dosouto, User Experience Researcher, Google


The Ethical Researcher's Checklist

Alba Villamil, User Experience Researcher, Independant Consultant


Putting your Research to Work

Alisha Kassam, Sr. Designer, Shopify


What Not To Do In Accessibility Research

Samuel Proulx, Community Manager, Fable Tech Labs

Track Two:

UXR Team Of One

If you’ve ever been the sole researcher in a company of any size, you know that you face no shortage of challenges. There’s so much work to be done, so many stakeholders to be managed, so many hearts and minds to be won over, how can you possibly make it work? In this track, we’ll uncover how to set yourself up for outsized impact as a research team of one.


A 30-60-90 Day Plan for Making an Impact with your New or Existing Research Practice

Snigdha Diehl, Sr. UX Research Lead, Bitly

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Doing Foundational Research with an Impossibly Diverse Audience

Leticia Ratkiewicz, UX Researcher, Nubank and Lucas Terra, Lead Product Designer, Nubank


The Five Dysfunctions of a UXR Team of One (and How to Overcome Them)

Roy Opata Olende, Sr. Research Operations Program Manager, Zapier


The Replication Crisis: Why researchers should care and what we can do about it

Sarah Wittman, Director of Design Research, RBC

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Using Blueprint Fidelity to Focus Teams on Impactful Ideas

Kira Cassels, UX Researcher, and Kathryn Brookshier, UX Researcher,

Track Three:

UXR Frontiers

The overwhelming majority of UX research takes place on one of two media: the desktop web browser and the mobile app. But today, a small group of enterprising researchers are tackling challenges that most of us have never considered. Join this track to learn more about doing research on the frontiers of VUIs, autonomous robots, and exercise equipment.

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Replicating the Workout Experience for Research

Andrea Sutyak, UX Researcher, Peloton Interactive and Beth Wendt, Sr. UX Researcher, Peloton Interactive


Carrying Out Robotics UX Research: Building the plane while you fly

Ellen Francik, Head of UX, Postmates X

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Utilizing Voice Technology to Reach All Users

Maia Ottenstein, Design Research and Process Design Manager, Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals and Remi Gurak, Design Researcher, DICE Group


Researching the Command Line Interface

Atikh Bana, Product Designer, Datadog

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How Design and Research Work Together to Define Cutting-edge Experiences in Mixed Reality

Ananthi Rangarajan, Sr. UX Designer, Microsoft and Peter Alderks, Design Researcher, Microsoft

Track Four:

The Science Behind UXR

Many of the most experienced UX researchers in the workforce today have one thing in common: a background in scientific research. In fact, much of the academic work done before the transition into UX research has had a profound impact on the development of the field. Here, we’ll take a deep dive into talks from industry UX researchers who use their knowledge gained from graduate research in fields like neuroscience, cognitive psychology, anthropology and more to be better researchers.


Combating Memory Limitations through Simultaneous Triangulation

Colette Kolenda, User Researcher, Spotify


We Are All Users: The importance of identification in user research

Carrie Heffner, User Experience Researcher, Mailchimp


TL;DR: Testing copy

Jennifer Siedjak, Sr. UX Researcher, Redbox


The Impossibility and Irrelevance of Empathy

Sekai Farai, User Researcher, Independent Research Consultant


Understanding and Measuring User Emotions: The missing puzzle piece

Lara Vujovic, UX Researcher, TripAdvisor

Track Five:

Leadership In Research

In the past few years, most researchers have been working in small teams managed by senior leaders in product or design. Now, more and more companies are scaling up research teams and hiring research leaders to run research. Who would have thought? Unlike their peers in engineering, product, and other departments, we’re facing the challenge of management without precedent to guide us. In this track, we’ll cover topics about how to be an effective and capable research leader and manager.


Tales From The Other Side: Research & the Exec table

Eran Ben-Ari, Chief Product Officer, Tophat


Structuring your UXR team

Monal Chokshi, Head of UX Research, Lyft

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Scrappy vs. Crappy

Henrik Mattsson, CEO, Lookback, Matt Gallivan, Research Manager, Airbnb, Sara Belt, Director of Product Insights, Spotify, and Monal Chokshi, Head of UX Research, Lyft


The Power of Synthesis: Insight sprints

Etienne Fang, Staff UX Insights Strategist, Uber


Level up the Influence and Impact of Research Insights with an Internal Marketing Plan

Patti Carlson, Director of UX Research, Mailchimp


FRIDAY JUNE 26, 2020. 11:00AM - 5:00PM EST.

As researchers we have a lot in common: a natural curiosity, the ability to build relationships with others, and the drive to think critically about new ideas. At the same time, we have varied experiences, interests, and professional goals that make us all unique.


You Are Not Your Research Report

Behzod Sirjani, Head of Research and Analytics Operations, Slack


From Research Projects to Research Programs: How strong programs keep us on track

Rannie Teodaro, Head of Research, Thumbtack


The Missing Persona: Tapping into our self

Kacie Wise, Head of Experience, Lookback

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Personas are dead. Long live personas!

Amber Westerholm-Smyth, Sr. User Researcher, Ministry of Justice UK and Carolina Pizatto, Service Designer, Ministry of Justice UK


UXR in Latin America: The duty to build a community

Darinka Guillen Buendia, UX Research Manager, Banco Santander

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Rebranding With Research

Nicky DePaul, Research Lead, Brex and Kira Klaas, Director of Brand, Brex


Screenomics: The fragmentation of digital life and what it means for UX research

Leo Yeykelis, Head of UX Research, VMware

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Consensus through Convergence: Building compelling narratives with mixed methods research

Mel Banyard, Design Researcher, The Canadian Digital Service and Jeana Frost, Sr. Quantitative Design Researcher, The Canadian Digital Service


Escape Velocity: Finding our path in the next decade

Molly Stevens, Director of User Experience Research,


Research on the Frontlines: Fears, risks, and resilience in unlikely places

Darya J Pilram, Sr. UX Researcher, Twitter