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Scaling UXR impact: Case studies from Google Maps.

UXR teams tend to run lean, so how can they deliver combined impact beyond just the sum of their parts?

Such scaling is critical for the Google Maps UXR team, which works with an organization of over 2,500 people and on products with more than one billion daily active users. While focusing on scaling their efforts, they reached an inflection point where they were able to dramatically increase their impact, and it aligned with a shift in their thinking toward collaborative, large scale programs. They weren’t always smooth, in fact they started off downright messy, but the team has learned along the way.

In this talk Victoria will share some examples of these programs, the impact they had, and what the team has learned in order to continuing scaling the team’s impact well beyond it's size.

Victoria Sosik.

Senior User Experience Researcher


Victoria is a Senior UX Researcher on Google Maps where she has spent the last 5 years growing and managing the Local Search and Discovery UXR team. In addition to leading strategic, iterative, and evaluative efforts in this space, she is a leader within the wider Google Maps UXR team, helping the team to scale and impact the more than one billion monthly active users of Google Maps services.

Victoria earned her PhD in Human-Computer Interaction from Cornell University, where she focused on designing technologies to leverage social media in support of individuals’ positive well-being. She is the author of more than 15 scientific publications and has been active in organizing committees for leading academic conferences including CHI and CSCW.