Tracks: Research Through Design

Design it wrong: How designing for research is different.

When we design, we try to get the answer right; to eliminate potential errors and create the best possible experience. With the tools and kits available today, designers move from initial ideas to what looks like finished designs faster than ever. Consequently, too much of user research focusses solely on confirming that the answer at hand is right enough.

But designing for research is not about getting it right. It's about designing to enable effective response and meaningful feedback from people.

In this talk, we explore how to apply this approach – from choosing the right fidelity of design, exploring when to disconnect content from design and when not, to underused tools like ‘Sacrificial Concepts'. 

This talk will help designers break out of cookie-cutter research methods and encourage them to apply their creativity not just to the solutions they are designing, but also to how they explore and validate them with people.

Shruti Ramiah.

Senior Lead Design Researcher, N26


Shruti is a design researcher with a background in service and interaction design. She leads a small but growing team of researchers at N26, Europe's first mobile bank based in Berlin. At N26, she is building the discipline of user research and shaping how it is integrated across the product development process.

Before N26, Shruti spent a year in the international development sector working on women’s reproductive health and HIV/AIDS. Prior to that, she was a Design Lead at IDEO where she worked across industries and markets helping organisations, big and small, bring innovative human-centred solutions to their customers.

Shruti is fascinated by how technology shapes humans, and how we wrestle to shape it in turn. She is an alumnus of the CIID Interaction Design Programme in Copenhagen and Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology in Bangalore.