Tracks: Research Through Design

Involving stakeholders in design research: a primer for success.

Design research involves more than just talking to users. Bringing everyone inside of our organization or company along at every stage of the process, is a key piece of the research puzzle. In this talk, Ron will explore the ways to actively involve stakeholders through every stage of the research process by exploring his past work on website redesigns in local government.

Topics we’ll explore include:

- How to identify key stakeholders, as well as extended partners in UX research. - Developing norms around communication. (How much to share and how often?)
- Methods for involving stakeholders in UX research with minimal disruption.
- Post-mortems: Sharing findings and synthesizing research with partners.

Ron Bronson.

Service Designer & Information Architect, Independent


Ron Bronson is a service designer and information architect. He specializes in digital transformation in the public sector, and has spent over a decade working across the U.S. launching successful products and initiatives.

Ron is the author of Web Management for Regular People, launched Indianapolis Design Week, and previously served on the board of directors of AIGA Indianapolis, IxDA Indianapolis, and WFHB-FM. He designed an ideation card deck (Pensulo), and in 2004, invented the sport of Tennis Polo.

Ron is probably North America's biggest fan of pesäpallo (the Finnish variant of baseball), moonlights as a tennis coach, and has been on at least one Star Trek podcast. He's lives in Portland, Oregon.