Tracks: Research Foundations

Doing Guerilla Research Right.

This talk gives a detailed overview of guerrilla research, including: what it is, how guerrilla methods compare with traditional methods, and how to strategize and conduct your own guerrilla research study. Maia will also showcase two distinct case studies to demonstrate the dissimilar forms guerrilla methods can take, and how different approaches fit the needs of different projects.

Maia Ottenstein.

Digital Experience Design Lead, Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals


Maia Ottenstein is a multifaceted designer dedicated to creating user-centered solutions. After studying product design at Drexel University, Maia dove into the field of research through an exploratory research project in the slums of Mumbai. Shortly after returning from India, she discovered UX design.

Maia is currently a User Experience Designer on a consulting team in Philadelphia. When she's not conducting guerrilla research studies, Maia can be found honing her yoga practice or enjoying a crafted beverage.