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Plotting: User Interviews Made Visual.

User interviews are one of the most versatile tools in a researcher’s toolbox. However, we’ve also dealt with their limitations from time to time. When there are multiple items or topic threads for the researcher to follow up on, there can be significant cognitive load for both researcher and interviewee.

To address this, Jing Jing has been experimenting with ways of making user interviews visual called plotting. It combines concept-mapping and think-out-loud for the interviewee, which reduces cognitive load and quickens the synthesis process for the researcher. This is a flexible method that is easy to learn and adapt to different situations by all types of practitioners.

Jing Jing Tan.

User Research Lead, The Working Group (TWG)


Jing Jing is a user research lead at TWG, a software development consultancy that makes products that people need and love. She enjoys being the bridge between companies and their customers, combining qualitative insights with data-driven approaches to build and optimize for innovation. She has a Masters of Education from Harvard Graduate School of Education and had previously scaled customer insights for high growth Toronto startups such as Wattpad and Opencare.