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Reclaiming the Promise of UX Research.

The disconnect between technologies’ promise and their failings is more stark than it’s been in decades. New technologies like voice UIs, connected products, AR, and AI have extraordinary promise to improve users' experiences at the same time the news is filled with stories of tech companies’ ethical lapses. We want to build a better future, to disrupt and innovate, but we won’t accomplish those goals if all we do is ‘test & iterate.’ While usability testing and prototype explorations are critical, there is a suite of methodologies we can bring to bear to solve the more substantive problems confronting tech.

In this talk, I’ll review how emerging technologies require methodologies that focus more on context, time, and ethics. I’ll also provide specific suggestions for how to influence your organization to adopt the less common UXR methodologies that will break us out of this rut. Do you want to participate in company-focused incrementalism or push for user-centered design practice? Now is the time to disrupt the disruptors. It’s time to reclaim the promise of UX research.

Christopher Geison.

Principal UX Researcher, AnswerLab


Chris Geison is the Principal UX Researcher for emerging technologies at AnswerLab where he leads research to help Fortune 500 clients create experiences that people love. UX research has enabled Chris to combine the skills he developed as a marketer and product manager at Charles Schwab with the skills he learned working in behavioral counseling at a mental health facility.

This talk draws from Chris’ experience leading UX research for some of the world’s best-known brands as well as his experience in organizational change at a number of different companies. A graduate of Brown University, Chris lives in San Francisco with an imaginary panther named Winston.