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Making hiring human.

Between scanning resumes, managing schedules, and coordinating interviews, it’s easy to feel like hiring means spending more time talking to computers than to potential candidates. Recruiters want to develop relationships with candidates and reduce bias in their hiring processes, but all too often, their tools get in the way.

What does it look like to build enterprise products that value personal connections and equity, just as much as scalability and speed? What research methods and deliverables best communicate recruiters’ needs and values to product managers, designers, and data scientists? In this talk, I’ll be sharing how my team conducts and advocates for UX research that helps users feel more human at work, and tools to help you do so too.

Adam Mansour.

UX Researcher, Google

Adam is a UX Researcher at Google, currently focused on improving the hiring experience for employers and jobseekers through Google Cloud’s recruiting products, Hire and Cloud Talent Solution. Before Google, he worked with Walmart Labs, Accenture Tech Labs, Speck Design, and Proteus Digital Health, where he found himself conducting research on police officers, wound-care nurses, car dealers, and more.

While studying Anthropology and Design Innovation at UC Berkeley, he interviewed Nobel Laureates across the US about their creative processes and studied the role of intimacy, surveillance, and space in the emergence of the Chinese messaging app, WeChat.