About UXR

UX Research Collective is an organization that aims to provide a platform for UX Researchers to build community, share knowledge and promote the practice in Toronto and beyond.

What we're
all about.

We run meetup events in Toronto

Where we bring together 100+ community members for talks, panels, and workshops. Here’s an example of one we ran on Jobs to Be Done. Read it here.

We recently ran our first ever course, Intro to UX Research.

Our cohort of 14 students cumulated their experience with research projects partnered with the City of Toronto.

We host informal gatherings

To bring our community together, such as our Senior Researcher Hangout and volunteer celebration parties.

We run a Medium publication

Where we publish high-quality UXR content. View our Medium.

We run a Slack community

Where we facilitate discourse on all things UXR, as well as sharing relevant events, articles and jobs. Join us!

Our vision.

We believe that UX research makes the world a better place by empowering organizations to create more meaningful and mindful relationships between people and the products and services that they use.

We want to live in a world where UX research is essential in organizations.

With our conference, we strive to showcase the most inspiring ideas in research today, and to help attendees build strong research networks.

We hope that UXRs leave our conference create and take one leadership opportunities for themselves.

Our story.

In 2018, the UX Research Toronto team ran the first UXR Conference. It started with a small idea, to fly in some researchers we admired from the Bay Area for a special meetup. Then we figured, why not make a day out of it?

Soon, we were planning our very first conference.

We threw it together quickly with a small, scrappy team and a shoestring budget — and we were thrilled when 450 community members showed up, with many more expressing interest. Not only that, our sponsorship partners also came through to generously support us in our mission to host a conference focused solely on our favourite corner of the user experience stratosphere.

After the success of our first experiment, we did what we do best and sought feedback from our users. And what did we hear? Clearer focus on different levels and types of careers; more opportunity for conversation and networking; more international speakers; and, of course, more tickets!

That’s what brought us to our next iteration of the UXR Conference — and we can’t wait to see what we learn next.

Our team.

Running this organization is a team sport and we couldn’t do it without the generosity of our community partners and sponsors.

UX Research Collective is run by a team of passionate volunteers, headed up by our directors.








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